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First Wave Jiujitsu Membership
FREE FOREVER!  INCLUDES JIUJITSU, ASCEND SUCCESS AND HEALING COURSE.   Unlock the comprehensive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey from white to black belt with the First Wave Jiu-Jitsu video series. Included is the world renowned Ascend Success course specifically designed for the Martial Arts academy owners that want to increase student retention and enrollment. . As a BONUS we have added an in depth training guide to the spiritual side of Martial Arts including healing and spiritual gifts. This last course is taught with a Christian perspective. These courses are FREE forever and made possible through Third Heaven Martial Arts and our loyal students.
$12.95 USD/mo
Student Membership Upgrade
Enhance your martial arts journey with our exclusive online student membership at Third Heaven Martial Arts. This comprehensive membership grants you access to our complete range of curriculums, encompassing a variety of disciplines including Jiujitsu, Ninpo TaiJujutsu (a traditional Japanese martial art), and Kung Fu. Designed as an evergreen program, our course continuously evolves, with new instructional videos added monthly. Whether you're looking to refine your techniques or immerse yourself fully in a complete curriculum, our online platform offers an exceptional resource for students at any level of their martial arts exploration.
$97.00 USD/mo
Instructor Membership
Elevate your teaching skills with our Instructor Certification Membership at Third Heaven Martial Arts. This elite membership not only covers the extensive disciplines of Jiujitsu, Ninpo Taijutsu, and Kung Fu but also offers unparalleled access to Sensei Justin Morris and his experienced team of instructors. What sets this course apart is the comprehensive support and exclusive benefits tailored specifically for instructors.