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FREE Jiujitsu Instructor Certification Course from White Belt – Black Belt. 

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Martial Arts Success Program

Learn Leadership, teaching strategies and marketing skills in this FREE 6 week course.

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Embark on a transformative journey with Ascend, the premier FREE martial arts course designed exclusively for martial arts professionals. Whether you’re steering a burgeoning dojo or a seasoned martial arts school, Ascend equips you with the cutting-edge tools for success. Dive into a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential leadership skills, innovative teaching strategies, and proven marketing principles, all tailored to elevate your martial arts school to new heights. Join us in Ascend, and unlock the potential to not only excel in your martial arts practice but to thrive in every aspect of your martial arts business.


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Team Third Heaven

Established in 1995 we are the home of First Wave Jiujitsu. Developed by 3rd degree Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt Justin Morris. With over 3 decades of evolution the First Wave Jiujitsu curriculum offers strategic self defense and grappling principles from white-black belt level.

First Wave Jiujitsu offers principles and techniques that can easily be integrated into any other Martial Art program. It is not too late to receive your black belt in Jiujitsu!

We offer a complete curriculum in Jiujitsu to help you with certification and rank advancement. 



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Martial Arts Success 

Instructor training and More

A complete and comprehensive system for Martial Artists.


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First Wave Jiujitsu

Learn cutting edge Jiujitsu for self-defense, combatives, law enforcement and instructor training. Our mission is to spread the ancient art of Jiujitsu through out the world.  We offer a complete Jiujtsu curriclum that will is perfect for the beginner or experienced Martial Artist.  Our unique Jiujitsu curriculum will blend perfectly with any other Martial Arts program.


Introducing the Ascend Success Course, a unique program designed to elevate martial artists to new levels of success and mastery. Beyond traditional training, it offers leadership, instructor training, and marketing strategies tailored for martial arts professionals. 

Traditional Martial Arts

Embark on a transformative journey through the realm of Traditional Martial Arts with our comprehensive certification program, meticulously designed to immerse enthusiasts and practitioners in the ancient and venerable traditions of Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts.   This well-rounded system ensures that our students not only master the physical prowess required for self-defense but also cultivate the mental discipline and respect that underpin the true spirit of martial arts.



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A complete and comprehensive system for professional Martial Arts instructors. 

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