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Established in 1995 we are the home of First Wave Jiujitsu. Developed by 3rd degree Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt Justin Morris. With over 3 decades of evolution the First Wave Jiujitsu curriculum offers strategic self defense and grappling principles from white-black belt level.

First Wave Jiujitsu offers principles and techniques that can easily be integrated into any other Martial Art program. It is not too late to receive your black belt in Jiujitsu!

As a bonus when you enroll you will receive all rank requirements for Third Heaven Kung Fu, Traditional Weapons and Ranked Kickboxing.



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First Wave Jiujitsu

Our most popular program! Learn a complete Jiujitsu curriculum from beginner to Black Belt. First Wave Jiujitsu is based on 3 decades of teaching traditional Brazilian Jiujitsu at our home dojo Third Heaven.  First Wave strips away many of the tournament only techiques and shows students and instructors the functional and practical techniques of Jiujitsu.  We have taken away the politics of Jiujitsu and competition is not required to advance in rank in First Wave Jiujitsu. Our goal is to help students and Martial Arts instructors succeed in the dojo and in life.

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First Wave Jiujitsu

Learn cutting edge Jiujitsu for self-defense, combatives, law enforcement and instructor training. Our mission is to spread the ancient art of Jiujitsu through out the world.  We offer a complete Jiujtsu curriclum that will is perfect for the beginner or experienced Martial Artist.  Our unique Jiujitsu curriculum will blend perfectly with any other Martial Arts program.

Traditional Weapons

Preserve the ancient history of traditional weapons with a strong emphasis on the Samurai Sword.  There is no Martial Arts weapon that embodies the spirit and essence of the Martial Arts like the Samurai Sword.  Also known as Kenjutsu the art of the sword includes cuts, draws, stances, 2 person work, disarms, katas and more. 

Chinese Martial Arts

Learn the ancient styles of Chinese Kung Fu.  Third Heaven Kung Fu has its roots in Hung Gar and Wing Chun Kung Fu.  The Chinese Martial Arts of Third Heaven consists of forms, weapons, punches, blocks and stances. The Chinese Martial Arts curriculum also teaches internal techniques such as breathwork, increased power and energy.   Students of Third Heaven Kung Fu  have an opportunity to earn a black belt and become certified in the Martial Arts.



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