Distance Learning

Learn Martial Arts from Home

A complete and comprehensive system for Martial Artists. 

Functional Jiujitsu

Learn cutting edge Jiujitsu for self-defense, combatives, law enforcement and instructor training.

Traditional Weapons

Preserve the ancient history of traditional weapons with a strong emphasis on the Samurai Sword.


Earn a black belt in our ranked kickboxing program.

Kids Classes

Young students are learning real Martial Arts and gaining confidence through our distance learning programs.



  • Live Zoom Classes
  • Pre Recorded Content
  • Virtual Belt Promotions
  • Parent/Leader Courses for families
  • Instructor Training
  • Rank Certification

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Martial Arts Distance Learning

Learn a complete curriculum from beginner to Black Belt.  Live classes on Zoom, Pre-recorded content, virtual belt promotions.  Offering courses in Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Kids Classes and Jiujitsu. 

Online Courses

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A complete and comprehensive system for Martial Artists.

Third Heaven Martial Arts Association

Distance Learning and Instructor Certification

about Us

Third Heaven Martial Arts was established in 1995.  We provide group classes for hundreds of students in WI, USA and online training for students and instructors world wide. 


Functional Jiujitsu

Traditional Weapons

Instructor Training 

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